Some of our products has been specially designed to work in vending machines, providing added value solutions for:

  • On board device for telemetry , to remotely manage the machines and monitor them.
  • Dispositivo embarcado en las máquinas con el que se puede dotar a las mismas de comunicaciones GPS y GPRS.
  • “Simple Vending” – Software to manage the machines by low profile users.
  • “Server Vending” – Server software to manage high profile groups of machines. It has an ERP interface and high level management functionalities.
  • On board device for GPRS and 3G communications and optionallt location by GPS.

Either “simple Vending” or “server Vending” provides management consoles to remotely acces to all the functionalities trough a web interface.

Both systems provides functionalities to make a stock managements, events and alarmas management, change prices, marketing and integrate with BI and estadistics systems.

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