What we do

Our activity is mainly focused on three sectors:



We are technology providers for any kind payment system. Always focused on the quality and the innovation in all of our products and services. We have a huge experience working with PCI, EMV, Paypass, Paywave, etc. Our Team can provide or help you to design the full payment solution ready to go to the market. Starting in the design and complete specification, develop the software and make the testing and the certification process to warranty the best quality.



Custos has created a complete range of solution for industrial control systems. The Nilo and Baikal series can cover a baste range of solutions making it easier and faster to our customers to deploy new solutions to the market The Triton series, has been created to cover specific location applications and control vehicles Finally we can offer to our customer our experience in the creation of completely new solutions to generate a Customized hardware and software solution that perfectly fits with their needs



Our commitment is to provide always the best possiblesolution to our customers. Sometimesthis could be done with some of our products, and sometimesthis is done working together in all the phases of the creation of a new solution, creation of the concept, design, development, and certification. We can work this way either in the payment systems are or in the development of newindustrial control systems.

C/ Sociedad de Condueños, 21
28804 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

+34 918 788 789
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