• Atento Vending is a complete solution that gives you total control over your unattended machines, increasing management, efficiency and automation of processes and interventions
  • The different communication channels supported and the easy integration with cards and mobile payments make it a powerful system that revolutionizes the vending world.


 Card payment and telemetry system  

Payment solutions for vending can be incorporated into all unattended vending machines.

Telemetry systems offer you the possibility to know the status of your business in real time.

  • It allows you to optimize costs and restocking/collection routes.
  • It allows you to reduce cash payment by minimizing collection outflows and mitigating possible thefts at the machine.
  • Know the stock in real time allowing to optimize replenishment outputs.
  • Access from PC or cell phone.
  • Parameter configuration and remote administration 24/7.
  • Management of alerts and incidents.
  • Invoicing reports and sales graphs.



Contract Sales KIT

Kit Contents:

  • Atento Telemetry Equipment and Card Reader.
  • Plug & Play cables for connection to the unattended machine.
  • Access to management and telemetry platform.

Kit costs:

The cost of the kit consists of a payment for the purchase of the equipment plus a maintenance fee, either monthly or yearly.

The SALES price for the set of hardware and software of the equipment:

  • From 542 € + VAT / unit.

 The monthly fee for the services associated with the Card Payment and Telemetry Service:  

  • Monthly fee from 5,25 € + VAT / unit with advance payment of one year (63 € + VAT) / unit.



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