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Welcome to the new future of the payment systems. With the cloud POS solution you will be able to put in place new added value solutions with a powerful and flexibility impossible to imaging until now. And everything can be done with the same terminals that you are using right now. The system can work with all the POS available in the market and has full support for magnetic stripe, EMV and Contactless payments. The systems can be integrated directly with your current acquiring systems totally transparent for you. But at the same time it will allow you to put in place new added value applications, loyalty, ticketing, marketing, and many more.

CLOUD POS is a new tool designed by Custos Mobile that offers new possibilities of development in the cloud in an agile and at the same time powerful way. It will allow you to generate real time applications that will be executed in the POS in a remote way. Giving to these devices new real time added value functionalities.

Custos Mobile has developed the solution “Cloud POS systems added value solutions provider for point of sale terminals”.  File number TSI-100300-2013-88 with funds of the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministery of Spain inside the National plan for scientific investigation, development and technologic innovation 2013-2016
Tgis system has a complete reporting system and can be easily integrated with your actual maintenance systems and methodology.

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